Friday, January 30, 2009

Weigh Anchor

"They thought they could achieve their purpose; so they weighed anchor and began to sail..."--Acts 27:13

Sometimes, all you need to do is pull up that anchor--wherever you have it stuck--and start moving forward. :-)


Monday, January 19, 2009

Falling Forward

I’ve always liked the idea, from Football, etc. of Falling Forward…
You know you’re going down, but by tipping over in a forward
direction, you get a couple extra yards

Put that toward a business or creative venture, even making a mistake
is worth while, you’ve got some experience and possibly exposure you
wouldn’t have gotten if you stayed safe.

Me? I’ve learned a lot from doing some pretty dumb things But I
think I’m in pretty good company here



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dark Worlds Teaser & Prize

With a liitle help from the vocal talents of Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, I give you the official teaser for Dark Worlds!

Download (Right-Click Save As)

In other news, on January 31st I will be drawing one name from my list of newsletter subscribers to receive an advance copy of the ebook version of Dark Worlds - Book 1: Project 31. To be eligible, you must signed up to the news letter before 12am Eastern, January 31st, 2009. Simply type your email below to sign up. (Don’t worry, I wont spam you.)


Friday, January 9, 2009

DAY 193 - 26 FEBRUARY 1991 - Day / Night / Day from Hell!

DAY 193 - 26 FEBRUARY 1991
I have about 60 days to my EAOS... End of Active Obligated Service, or basically my contract with the Navy. And I still am not sure which way I'm going. Stay in, go where. Get out... go where! Life is so much easier when you have a clue or even a vague plan. Will see I guess!

This was the Day / Night / Day from Hell!

Well, maybe not so much that's it bad, it was just LONG. Yeah, not the day from Hell, unless Hell is long. Ok, moving on along now...

It went something like this...

First we changed a 25 inch flight boost accumulator on 10. That's pretty easy, think of it as a big soup can with a hydraulic line coming in one end, and a nitrogen servicing port and gauge on the other. Simple fix there... then we finished the Phase, and did a Hydraulic Systems test and bleed. Then it was time to service the shock struts on the launding gear. See? Easy night right? This would have been an early night.

Oh no, no no no... no easy night tonight!

The Starboard Main strut got "airlocked" in the extended position, and wouldn't come back down. Ok, so we jack the aircraft and remove the strut. Figured we'd pull it apart and repack it, see what's up. First we find a seal on the "floating piston" that was flat, but the book said it should have round edges.. Ok, we'll change that. Then we notice that the piston was in there completely upside down. This is where we would use a phrase like "WTF" or What the Fuck? Ok, we get it all cleaned out, put it back together with the correct parts, in the correct places, service it up, jump on the aircraft and bounce it, it seems to move around ok, we're doing well! Tired but well!

We also replaced some bearings on the "step up" bell cranks behind the intakes, so we're hoping that fixes some of our flight control gripes, the pilots sometimes complain about feeling vibrations in the flight controls, which to me is a bit funny, because the whole helo vibrates, so how could you tell the difference?

Anyway, after we got it all closed up, tools put away, and paperwork signed off, it was 1500. We've been on since 1900 yesterday, so... 20 hours? And our shift starts at.. you guest it, 1900... yawn... of to the racks!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

DAY 167 - 31 JANUARY 1991 - Cumshaw and Pancakes

DAY 167 - 31 JANUARY 1991
I only found about 15 gripes on 10 tonight when I did the 28 Day corrosion inspection. So either things are looking better, or I need a new set of batteries in my flash light!

Rush has been working on the corrosion gripe I mentioned in yesterday's post, we're just going to work it a little bit at a time, and probably going to take a few days to finish it.

Molly and Curtis cleaned up the Ramp and Doppler bilges, they look a lot better this time. I'm starting to think our preventive measures are helping a bit.

Ernie, the ships baker, has been letting us have access to the kitchen middle of the night so we can eat. Meals have been a challenge for us at night, every time we make arrangements for a lunch or left overs or even sandwiches, something happens and we have no food. Its just weird. So now we've been bribing Ernie with stuff, and he's been making us pancakes and eggs. Tonight the bribe was we gave him an extra pair of camoflag pants we had left over. Friend for life.

If there's one thing that stands out from my time in the Navy, its how we get things done at the simplest, person to person level. Its amazing how far you can get when you have something to trade. Cumshaw, which was apparently a word picked up from Chinese ports by sailors in the 1800s... eventually it was transformed into the "art form" of some individuals being able to find anything, anywhere, to get the job done. Everytime we pack for a deployment, we would load up on as many things as we could fit into our cruise boxes, and then we'd scavage extra parts that we took with the specific thought of using them to barter with, to other detachments in the area. Cumshaw is what keeps these helos flying some days! Or, in tonights case, it got us pancakes!

If you remember the Oliver North trial, and really paid attention to the details, you'd have seen high level Cumshaw in action. Things were sold or traded, by people who didn't actually own what they were selling, with proceeds being misdirected to other "worthy" causes. It happens every day, at every level. Its... tradition!

Cumshaw Defined by Webster

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dark Worlds Sneak Peek

Right, so it's been a while since I've posted an update. My apologizes about that. Tell you what, for being such patient Moth Maniacs, I'm giving you the first sneak peek into The Dark Worlds. Hope you enjoy!

In other news, Dark Worlds - Book 1: Project 31 should be released in print by April/May if everything goes well. (Fingers crossed!) So expect a new media biltz in the near future.

Hope your 2009 is off to a good start!



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